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The classic way to customize that T-shirt or Hoody! Bold colours applied in super durable ink.


Add that level of sophistiacation to your garment with an embroidered logo or line of personalization.


Direct to Garment Printing

A great way to print those graphics with tons of detail & lots of colour.


What our users say

“Campus Gear has been excellent! I have used them for multiple orders of t-shirts, uniforms and promotional giveaways, like water bottles. The staff has been so helpful finding me the best price on the gear I need, and the turnaround time is much faster than their competitors, or even online providers. It’s so nice to talk to someone who knows what I need, and sends me samples to view or try on before I buy them!” – Dr. Sean Batte, Corrective Chiropractic

Dr. Sean Batte

“Mike is consistently providing quality products for our events and initiatives. Whether we need stickers, mugs or t-shirts for an advocacy campaign, he knows what will be best for our needs and how to keep us on budget without sacrificing quality” Lauren Shunock, USC Promotions Coordinator

Lauren Shunock

“Mike and the rest of his team turned an arduous task into an enjoyable and stress-free experience. All the merchandise we got from them turned out just the way we wanted it.” – Justin Chung, USC Charity Coordinator

Justin Chung